Developing a Systems Mindset Webinar Materials

The opioid epidemic is a result of a complex system of varied and interrelated factors. This webinar introduced a systems thinking approach and offers tools to address complex public health challenges. Additionally, the webinar described opportunities for grantees to further develop their capacity to apply systems thinking to a local opioid response.
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RCORP-TA RSV Idea Exchange: Speakers and Sessions

The RCORP-TA Idea Exchange is an optional monthly opportunity for RCORP grantees to make their voices heard on a variety of topics and issues related to RCORP. This RSV Idea Exchange is focused on any ideas related to this year's speakers and sessions.
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Allyship in Action: Becoming Partners in Supporting Those In Recovery Webinar Materials

Providers are essential partners in care and have a very important role in reducing the various types of stigmas experienced by those with or recovering from substance use disorder (SUD) and their families; becoming an ally is the first step. Allyship includes a set of beliefs, attitudes, and actions; we will explore a variety of steps that can lead to greater empathy and better outcomes for clients, families, and communities.
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RCORP-Rural Centers of Excellence Showcase Webinar Materials

This webinar will introduce the newest RCORP program cohorts to the RCOEs, Fletcher Group, University of Rochester, and University of Vermont. These three cooperative agreements are charged with supporting the identification, translation, dissemination, and implementation of evidence-based programs and best practices, in addition to providing specialized TA to RCORP recipients and other rural providers.
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RCORP-TA December Idea Exchange: Naloxone Vending Machines

The RCORP-TA Idea Exchange, an optional monthly opportunity for RCORP grantees to make their voices heard on a variety of topics and issues related to RCORP. Whether it's programmatic, administrative, or an issue facing your community: we want to hear from you! Submissions are entirely anonymous and open for the duration of the month. December's topic is Naloxone Vending Machines. Additionally, you can use the Idea Exchange to share general comments or feedback unrelated to the rotating topic.  
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Disparities Impact Statement (DIS) Guidance and Template

The Disparities Impact Statement (DIS) template is a deliverable for this project that you will be required to complete. There was a webinar discussing the DIS for all relevant cohorts on November 15, 2022. This webinar provided RCORP grantees with the tools to complete a disparities impact statement, to support efforts to address populations in rural communities that have historically suffered from poorer health outcomes and health inequities as a part of the prevention, treatment, and recovery of SUD/OUD. We strongly encourage you to review these documents or listen to the recording when it is posted to the RCORP- TA portal at a later date. Please be in contact with your Technical Expert Lead (TEL) with any questions. 
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RCORP-TA Data Learning Collaborative Winter 2022-2023

OMNI Institute, in partnership with the JBS RCORP-TA team, created the 2022-2023 RCORP-TA Data Learning Collaborative (LC) for grantees to come together and share knowledge, talk through challenges, and build relationships with one another. This LC will build upon the foundation established in the prior 2022 RCORP-TA Data Learning Collaborative.
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Building Sustainable Rural Substance Use Disorder Partnerships

As rural communities work to address the opioid epidemic, they face limited service and workforce capacity, stigma, health disparities, and sparse populations. Through the Health Resources and Service Administration’s (HRSA) Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP) multi-year initiative, more than $400 million has been invested across more than 1,500 counties within 47 states and two territories since 2018 to address these barriers and assist rural communities in reducing the morbidity and mortality of substance use disorders (SUD), including opioid use disorder (OUD).
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