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Welcome to the RCORP Corner! This page will house the various RCORP articles and blog posts, including the RCORP-TA Newsletter. You can find the various features below. Questions? Email trabolt@jbsinternational.com.

RCORP-TA Newsletter

The monthly newsletter highlights the various features below as well as resources, events, funding opportunities, and more!


Guest writers and special blog posts will be regularly featured here in the RCORP Blog.
We are excited to announce the RCORP Innovation Tank is back for the 2024 Reverse Site Visit! Click the title to learn more.

Staff Spotlight

Our new staff spotlights are a way for RCORP stakeholders to learn a bit more about the staff behind the scenes at JBS and HRSA.
Lauren Su earned a bachelor of arts degree in neuroscience with a minor in Asian American studies from Pomona College in Claremont, California.

Content Hubs

Content Hubs will house in-depth tools and resources for a variety of RCORP topic categories.
RCORP-TA offers multiple opportunities for peers to come together to network, ask questions, and delve into discussion on common issues. Visit the RCORP-TA calendar to learn more about peer to peer opportunities. If you have any questions about joining one of these sessions, please reach out to rcorp-ta@jbsinternational.com.