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Unique Challenges for American Indian/Alaskan Native in Stable/Safe housing in tribal communities and SUD Webinar Materials

Posted 6/29/2022 (updated 3/27/2024)

This webinar will highlight the unique challenges faced by tribal communities in securing safe and secure housing and SUD. The presenters will also discuss how AI/AN communities experience homelessness in relation to the rest of the country. At the conclusion of the webinar:

  • Participants will understand considerations needs to address unique barriers to addressing homelessness and SUD in AI/AN communities.
  • Participants will be able to distinguish the differences that exist between AI/AN and non-AI/AN communities and how they experience issues with homelessness.
  • Participants will understand how AI/AN families and tribal leadership in their communities play a vital role in addressing this issue.

Presenter(s): Freida Saylor, DSW, MSW LCSW, LCAS; Katelynn Ledford, PSS; Josie Owle, CDAC