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Treatment for Individuals Who Use Stimulants (TRUST)

Posted 4/26/2021 (updated 9/2/2021)

A Protocol Using Empirically Supported Behavioral Treatments for People with Psychoactive Stimulant Use Disorders.

The manual intends to:

  1. Provide new information about the use and effects of cocaine and methamphetamine.
  2. Present some the key clinical challenges that clinicians face when treating this population.
  3. Review the evidence-based treatment strategies for PSUD treatment.
  4. Discuss how motivational interviewing (MI) is central to the effective engagement of individuals in treatment and to assisting them with behavior change during treatment.
  5. Present how elements of community reinforcement approach (CRA) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be used to assist individuals with PSUD to reduce/discontinue their drug use and prevent relapse.
  6. Describe a procedure for using positive incentives to promote retention in treatment.
  7. Provide information and guidance for how physical exercise can benefit individuals who are attempting to reduce/discontinue their use of methamphetamine and cocaine.
  8. Describe a plan for providing continuing care to assist individuals to sustain the progress they have made in a structured treatment program.
  9. List an array of manuals and training resources for other research supported addiction treatment approaches.