Prevalence of Fentanyl in Methamphetamine and Cocaine Samples Collected by Community-based Drug Checking Services

Using data from 77 harm reduction programs in 25 US states, researchers found that 12-15% of powder methamphetamine and powder cocaine also contained fentanyl although the prevalence varied geographically. Prevalence of fentanyl in crystal methamphetamine and crack cocaine was lower. Heroin and xylazine were also found in unregulated stimulants. Xylazine reduced the ability to detect fentanyl. 

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Stimulant Safety: Getting Amped Up to Reduce Harms When Using Stimulants

The toolkit Stimulant Safety: Getting Amped Up to Reduce Harms When Using Stimulants was developed through the CDC-funded National Harm Reduction Technical Assistance Center in collaboration with the NASTAD Drug User Health team and consultants. This resource provides education on the reasons people take stimulants, how to minimize harm, reduce stigma around stimulants, support peoples' positive experiences, the intersection of stimulant use and sexual safety, and much more. 
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Contingency Management for Stimulant Use Disorder: Progress, Challenges, and Recommendations

Contingency management has empirical support but limited implementation. This report provides an overview of contingency management, barriers of implementation, and recommendation on how to overcome the challenges of implementation. Evidence-based treatment for people with stimulant use disorder is important as the U.S. has been experiencing an overdose crisis resulting in overdose deaths. 
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Pharmacological Treatment of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine Dependence: A Systematic Review

This systematic review of peer-reviewed literature that held controlled trails which examined a pharmacological treatment for amphetamine/methamphetamine dependence or use disorder. The article found that most studies were underpowered and had low completion rates, with others showing that no pharmacotherapy produced results for the treatment of amphetamine/methamphetamine dependence.
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