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RSV 2022 Session 6A: Substance Use Disorder in Indian Country (Day 3)

The first part of this presentation examined and presented medical/physiological aspects of SUD and an overview of the impact of SUD on a small but vulnerable population. Dr. Parker then provided an overview of recent substance abuse prevention and intervention applications within American Indian and Alaska Native communities. She described the trends regarding opioid overdose among American Indian and Alaska Native communities during the global pandemic and discussed opportunities for addressing opioid overdose prevention in the future.
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Developing a Systems Mindset Webinar Materials

The opioid epidemic is a result of a complex system of varied and interrelated factors. This webinar will introduce a systems thinking approach and tools to address complex public health challenges. The webinar will provide an overview of systems tools and describe opportunities to develop systems further thinking capacity for application to grantees’ local opioid response.
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Stigma Webinar Series- Part I - Addressing Stigma: What Is It and What Can We Do About It? Webinar Materials

This webinar provided the foundational information necessary to plan and implement effective anti-stigma strategies. We defined stigma and internalized stigma and their impact on vulnerable populations—drug policy, public perception, healthcare access. We then explored relevant resources, helpful tools, and connect with national organizations doing work in this space.
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