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RCORP-TA Data Learning Collaborative Winter 2022-2023

Posted 11/11/2022 (updated 3/27/2024)

OMNI Institute, in partnership with the JBS RCORP-TA team, created the 2022-2023 RCORP-TA Data Learning Collaborative (LC) for grantees to come together and share knowledge, talk through challenges, and build relationships with one another. The 2022-2023 Data LC will build upon the foundation established in the prior 2022 RCORP-TA Data Learning Collaborative.

Session 1 - Using Data for Sustainability and Funding

For November's session, we discussed:

  • Impact: Did you reach your outcomes? What changes occurred from your efforts? How significant were the changes?
  • Process: How many people did you reach? How much effort/time/staff/resources did it take?
  • Community: Do your efforts match a need in the community? How much of a need/how important is it to address this

Session 2 - Data Interpretation and Analysis

For December's session, we asked folks to think about and be prepared to share their experiences, questions and thoughts regarding their data analysis and interpretation processes, and any continuous quality improvements processes.

Session 3 - Engaging Partners in Data Conversations

For January's session, we walked through best practices and approaches on working with external partners (e.g. hospitals, law enforcement, jails, first responders, medical examiners), learning from fellow grantees what has worked in their community. We asked attendees to share their successes and challenges with obtaining data from external partners along with strategies that they used.

Session 4 - Deeper Dive Into Health Equity

For February's session, we focused on health equity data: what health equity data is, how to utilize it, and how to make progress using health equity data. We asked attendees to share strategies they have used to gather and analyze data related to health equity, how they have used data to improve services, outcomes, and recruitment, and how they have addressed rural populations facing health disparities.

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