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RCORP Business Operations Guidance Documents

Posted 1/25/2022 (updated 3/26/2024)

RCORP-TA is pleased to provide technical assistance resources related to grantee business operations that we have prepared for grantees. RCORP-TA is providing these resources to assist grantees on aspects of their business operations that are continuously impacted and routinely challenged by factors associated with living and working in rural communities. Please see the below linked guidance documents and descriptions as they may be of interest to you.

Business Considerations in Becoming a 501c3 or 501c4 Organization

This resource was created in response to grantee requests about what the requirements are to incorporate as a non-profit 501c3/501c4 business entity and the differences between each. This guidance is important to grantees to enable them to make informed decisions about which of the two entities makes the most sense for them to incorporate as based on their business needs and organizational goals.

Subcontracting with a Consortium Partner
This brief provides basic information for Project Directors whose organizations have limited experience with developing and executing subcontracts including: points to consider when considering whether a subcontract is the right financial tool to use; links to generic subcontracting templates; examples of goods and services programs might procure using a subcontract with consortium members; and links to procurement guidance.

COVID-19 Vaccine Coding and Billing Research Roadmap

This Research Roadmap provides an overview of the primary professional coding and medical billing issues and opportunities to consider when performing COVID-19 vaccinations after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues an emergency use authorization (EUA) or approves licensure of each COVID-19 vaccine product. The Roadmap is designed to assist grantees in keeping up with changes in COVID-19 vaccination administration and properly documenting services that you provide so that you can receive proper payment from the various state, federal, and commercial insurance payers with whom you contract.