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RCORP 2021: Regions 6 and 7 Meeting - Morning Breakout Sessions (Day 2)

Posted 5/26/2021 (updated 9/2/2021)

Session 1: Stimulants 2021: An Update—Clinical Issues and Treatments: Stimulant intoxication, withdrawal, and psychosis have accepted and established treatment strategies. Several lifesaving harm reduction interventions/services are available. There are no Food and Drug Administration-approved medications for treatment of stimulant use disorder, although several are promising. Behavioral treatment, especially the use of contingency management (and other approaches with supportive evidence), has by far the best evidence of effectiveness. The presenter will review topics of importance to clinicians treating individuals with stimulant use disorder.


  • Albert Hasson, MSW, Administrator, New Life Clinic, Ukiah, California

Session 2: Meeting the Workforce Challenges of the Opioid Crisis in Rural America: The session will provide an overview of the challenges facing the rural behavioral health workforce such as accessibility, availability, and acceptability. Additionally, presenters will cover successful strategies that have been implemented in rural communities to address these challenges, especially in light of the opioid crisis.


  • Dennis Mohatt, Vice President, Behavioral Health, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
  • Toniann Richard, CEO, Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri

Session 3: Bridging the Gap: Telemedicine as a Path to Primary Care Pharmacotherapy for OUD Access to maintenance medications for OUD: (MOUD) is often limited in rural primary care practices. Primary care providers in rural communities also struggle with meeting the demands of a very large practice, often without the support that is expected in urban practices. Presenters discuss telemedicine MOUD as a bridging strategy.


  • Michele Lawrence, MBA, MPH, Recovery Center of Excellence, University of Rochester
  • Holly Russell, MD, MS, Recovery Center of Excellence, University of Rochester