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New National Harm Reduction Website & Name

Posted 9/1/2020 (updated 9/2/2020)

Nearly 100 people worked on the new brand and website project, including many National Harm Reduction Coalition staff, a community stakeholder board and agency partners at Joybyte! Here are a few things we’re excited to share: 
We evaluated hundreds of resources for accuracy, relevance, and accessibility. The new resource library is organized by issue, fully searchable, more accessible to people who use assistive technology, and more resources are now available in Spanish (with more to come). 
People who use drugs have intersecting identities that experience systems of structural violence differently. As we work to uproot systems of structural violence, we recognize that we have to learn from organizations and movements intertwined with ours. This space serves to uplift and amplify social justice work that is critical to the liberation of people who use drugs in categories that will expand over time, but include: Racial Equity, Gender Justice, Decriminalizing Sex Work, Decarcertaion, Housing, Reproductive Justice, Healthcare, and Young People.

Our Public Drive now hosts templates like policies and procedures or basic presentations for harm reduction programs to use as they see fit, so you can focus on the work instead of reinventing the wheel!