"Power of RCORP" Photo Showcase: 2022 Winners

Thank you to the dozens of RCORP grantees who submitted to the 2022 "Power of RCORP" Photo Showcase! Winners will be announced leading up to National Rural Health Day on November 17, 2022. The winners were decided based on grantee-wide voting with nearly 300 votes cast!

Click below to see the submissions and award announcements. Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

2022 Submission Collage

2022 Submission Collage

4th Place

CITC/Recovery Services

4th place photo

Caption: We are all Elders-In-Training.

Description: Our Prevention Team believes that culture is prevention. As we spread and empower our Native youth with their culture, they build a strong foundation of community belonging, interdependence, and traditional knowledge. We thrive off the belief that all of us are Elders-In-Training and can be patient with our Native youth (and each other!) as we relearn our Traditional Ways.

3rd Place

Hopewell Health Centers

3rd place photo

Caption: Hopewell Health Centers Recovery Photo Project, Washington County, Ohio

Description: This photo was part of our Recovery Normalization Project conducted in 5 SE Ohio Counties (approximately two dozen photos to date). We worked with the Athens Photographic Project to take pictures of individuals in recovery and capture what they want the public to know about recovery. These photos have been hung in public places to reduce stigma and to give the SUD population hope for recovery.

2nd Place

Healthy Acadia

Second place photo

Caption: Fifty-six pairs of shoes lined the road in Ellsworth, Maine to represent the lives lost in Hancock County to overdose over the last few years. This display was intended to show that these losses are not just numbers, but human beings.

Description: This photo was taken as part of a traveling installation for overdose awareness.  This display consisted of fifty-six empty pairs of shoes with a balloon attached to each pair to represent the lives lost to drug overdose from 2017-2021.  The display started at the INSPIRE Recovery Center as part of an Overdose Awareness Day vigil held on August 31st, 2022.  The installation then traveled to one area business and then to the local library.  The response in the community was incredible! People stopped to view the display and asked questions.  Words we heard from community members about the display included heartbreak, haunting, loss, but the most common word heard was hope.  This display has helped to destigmatize substance use disorder in a profound way.

1st Place

Missouri Highlands Medical

First place photo

Caption: If saving a life could be free and as easy as getting a bag of chips, would you do it?

Description: This photo captures the power of community collaboration, education, and support for residents in Southeast Missouri.  Making this life saving drug available at no cost and without stigma provides support and hope to those that need it.