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Optional Sustainability Self-Assessment

Posted 7/2/2021 (updated 4/2/2024)

Building on the preliminary sustainability strategies outlined in your grant application, each consortium will submit a three-part sustainability plan that identifies strategies for achieving programmatic and financial sustainability beyond the period of performance. As a precursor to the sustainability plan deliverables the Program Sustainability Self-Assessment was developed to gauge consortium perceptions of sustainability readiness and identify areas where your Technical Expert Lead (TEL) and HRSA Project Officer (PO) can provide assistance.

The self-assessment has been adapted from the Social Entrepreneurs Inc.’s (SEI) Essential Elements of Sustainability Planning. SEI and others have shown that long-term sustainability of community initiatives requires a clear vision for the future, focus on health and wellness results for people rather than specific programs or agencies, effective leadership and key champions in the community, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, and a strategic long-range approach to financing.

The Program Sustainability Self-Assessment lists tasks related to the particular element to be rated or scored based on a self-assessment of the programs for each task. There is no wrong rating or score. What is needed is a candid assessment by the consortium of progress towards addressing each sustainability element. This assessment will provide baseline information on your consortium’s organization’s self-assessed “sustainability readiness"