Behavioral Health Care Support

RCORP-Behavioral Health Care Support strives to increase care for those affected by behavioral health conditions, which may include mental health and substance use disorders. Grantees receive up to $500,000 each, over a 4-year POP, to implement activities aligned with the following, overarching program goals:

  • Address structural and systems-level barriers to improve rural residents’ access to quality, integrated SUD and other behavioral health care (BHC) services
  • Improve the quality and sustainability of rural BHC services through supporting rural health care providers to offer coordinated, evidence-based, trauma-informed SUD and other BHC services
  • Improve the capacity of the BHC system to address rural community risk factors and SDOH that affect the behavioral health of rural residents

Visit HRSA Behavioral Health Care Support Program for more information about these grant programs.

FY22 Behavioral Healthcare Support Grantees